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Personal Training, Health Coaching, Wellness Activities, Yoga, Retreats, Resort Programming, Workshops, Pilates, Group Fitness Activities, Cooking Classes, and Speaking~

As a leader in the industry, has set the bar with its unwavering commitment to quality, performance and exceptional customer care. Through our personal services and we go above and beyond to ensure your needs are not just met, but exceeded. To learn more, get in touch today.

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About GracefulAction

  GracefulAction specializes in
   helping to create healthy lifestyles for  individuals, groups and resorts. 

Exercise for more radiant health, energy, peace and joy in your life!

Linda offers-
*Personal training sessions- create a package that works for you!

*Health coaching

*Health screening such as lifestyle choices, posture, flexibility, balance, BMI, body fat, strength

*Group exercise sessions

*A variety of workshops

*Resort Health/Fitness Programming
     In a variety of ways, and with much success, Linda helps individuals reach their personal health and wellness goals.

    ~Moving bodies, minds, and spirits with healthy inspiration~

With 20 Professional Certifications, education and experience, and, as a Master Trainer, Linda would love to lead your Workshop, speak at your event, lead a group exercise session such as yoga for a girls' group or Aquacize for a summer get-together, or coach you in personal training or Health and Lifestyle Coaching.

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Our business was founded on three main principles - quality, pricing and service - 


  •  Master Trainer knowledge, guidance and support-reduce stress

  • lower cholesterol and blood pressure

  • lose weight and fat and tone up safely

  • learn how to exercise properly

  • get stronger, build lean muscle tissue and strong bones

  • improve your posture

  • strengthen your heart and lungs and improve your endurance

  • learn, or further your practice of yoga or Pilates

  • relieve back pain

  • improve mood and attitudes

  • maintain and regain function; improve range of motion

  • improve balance and stability, preventing falls

  • learn healthy lifestyle and diet choices

  • gain flexibility

  • improve coordination

  • condition for golf, skiing, a 5K!

  • get in shape for a special occasion


Workshops and Speaking

Exceptional Service

As a Master Trainer, Health and Fitness Coach, and former Director of both Fitness and Christian Women's Ministries, Linda can engage, inspire, encourage and educate your group on a variety of topics from Aromatherapy and Natural Living, to Stress Reduction, Designing a Healthy Lifestyle, Healing Teas and Herbal Concoctions, Growing Older Gracefully and a variety of other topics. 

Workshops, Classes and Speaking Topics

   Get-Togethers for Friends, Families, Business Meetings, Special Focus and Women's Groups!

We can enhance your event with a presentation or fitness class, or help you design your entire healthy event!

10 Best Things for Ultimate Health- Explore the keys to good, whole person health!

Aromatherapy and Natural Living Workshop- Learn about the healing benefits of essential oils, make some of your own healthy and natural beauty and home cleaning products, and receive recipes to take home.

Aromatherapy and Relaxation- A relaxing Yoga class combined with natural essential oils.

Fitness Toolbox-  Learn and experience quick ways to fit all of the aspects of physical fitness into your busy life. Class includes the areas of cardio, strength, balance, fall-prevention, flexibility and function and relaxation and a hand out opf all exercises.

Passion, Purpose, Promise- This mini course is intended to inspire and catalyze individuals into designing their own life.m "you must go after your wish. As soon as you start to pursue a dream, your life wakes up and everything has meaning." ~ B. Sher

Neurobics- Learn how to keep neurons firing and brains sharp with this interactive class.
Postured for Success- Stand tall and poised physically, mentally and spiritually. This workshop includes free postural assessments along with specific exercise prescriptions for each individual. 

Reduce Stress, Breathe, Play, Stretch, Smile!- Proven stress-reduction techniques. Learn how to reduce stress on the job, at home, anywhere! And- learn how to sleep better.

Lake Walks/City Walks/Treasure Hunts- Choose an easy or moderately challenging walk. Learn some history and intrigue about the area. Walks can be scheduled with or without a meal.

Design your Healing Life*- Strategies to help you personalize your best approaches to health and happiness.   ****Most popular and well-liked workshop with several topics

Go with the Flow- A dynamic stretching class with life lessons and applications from nature to help balance and relax the body and mind.

Cooking Classes!  Choose your areas of interest!~ learn about healthy substitutions for favorite meals, quick meals and snacks, desserts, snacks, healthy meals,, etc.

Teas, Tinctures and Herbal Infusions- This is a great class! Learn recipes for hosting, healing, and happy hour!

Group, Small Group and Personal Fitness - Personal or small group sessions in my studio or your home within a radius of 30 miles from Lake Geneva. Host a group fitness event at your place or a designated area.

Choose from activities like Aquacize, Yoga, Dynamic Stretching, Fitball,  Pilates, Aerobics, Power Walk, Drumbeats, Praise Dance, Boot Camp, learn a Baton Routine, and other fitness formats. 

Host a Dance Party!- Dance to Latin, hip hop, disco, blues and jazz. Music and dance moves provided.

5K Walks for Fund-Raising- We will organize your event! Have fun and fitness while raising awareness and funds for a cure.

Celebrate the Joys of Being a Woman!- This is a Christian outlook on the wonderful privilege of womanhood. 

She’s a Natural Beauty- Celebrating inner and outer beauty, Inspiration, along with natural approaches to body care, poise and  inner/outward beauty. Receive an e-packet of Beauty recipes.

Charmed- A mini-course in grace, etiquette and beauty in personal, social and business settings.

Passages- A poignant and funny take on the passages of womanhood.

Serenity and Sisterhood- A girly, magical time of celebrating womanhood. Red wine and dark chocolate can be added to enhance the experience.

Pink Party- A Bridal Shower Package celebrating love and friendship with all things pink.  This is specially-designed with the party planner.

 GracefulAction can design a tailor-made talk or event to suit your needs or fit into your program!

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* WELLNESS RETREATS!!!!    Resorts and Groups- We will create, design, market and staff your retreats! We'll even host them!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

This is one of our most popular services available. It’s made a big difference in profits for many of our participating resorts, and has created many unique retreats for happy groups. All services are provided with the highest level of excellence. With this service, we ensure all details are simple, seamless and handled in a timely manner. Whenever you work with, you can trust that you’re in great hands.
GracefulAction will bring a healthy dose of fun, fitness and inspiration into your life, your workplace, your business.

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Quality Assured

~ Linda and her team have over 20 years of International experience, working with over 100 hotels and resorts in spa and fitness start-up and branding projects including design, project management, creating safety protocols and schedules, staffing, training, and marketing.

       If you are interested in establishing your brand with uniqueness and relevance in the growing Health Travel Industry and increasing your bottom line, we can help create your niche in the areas of health, wellness and fitness. We are also experts at creative programming and in designing and running themed and Fitness and Wellness Retreats. Together, let's declare THIS the year of Wellness and Rejuvenation in the Caribbean. Don't miss out on this opportunity to draw health-minded individuals, couples and groups to your resorts. 

       Linda, along with her team of fitness, spa, wellness and marketing experts, is your best choice in fitness and wellness design and programming. 

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