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      ~Moving bodies, minds, and spirits with healthy inspiration~

With 20 Professional Certifications, education and experience, and, as a Master Trainer, Linda would love to lead your Workshop, speak at your event, lead a group exercise session such as yoga for a girls' group or Aquacize for a summer get-together, or coach you in personal training or Health and Lifestyle Coaching.

And RESORTS!~ Please read on about how we design resort wellness programming, can train and/or staff, and MORE!

Thank you for visiting my website.

Life is a gift, and you are a gift to this life. Optimize your personal or resort health and vitality with a wellness program designed especially for you!

Personal Training is affordable, and surprisingly fitting for your lifestyle. Enjoy life with good health and do the things that you love!

Breathe deeply, Enjoy life!      Peace. ~ Linda.

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